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How long is your wait list?
This can vary, but my current wait time is always in the sidebar here. When you contact me, I will give you a Monday start date and your design preview will arrive sometime during that week. Which day your preview arrives in your scheduled week depends on whether or not you are my first or last blog of the week. I typically install 3-4 days after you receive your first preview, depending on how many changes you request.

What is included in my design?
This is totally up to you! You can view my packages to pick out exactly what you need. If what you want isn't listed, contact me to discuss it.

How much do graphics usually cost? 
Clip art averages $5-$10. 

Can I have a copy of my graphics when you're finished?
Most clipart designers do not allow me to share their graphics with you after your design is finished. If this is something you're interested in, you are welcome to contact the designer and see if he/she will make an exception. I do not share my layered work, only the final flattened images.

Can I still manage my blog and make changes to it after you install a design? 
YES! You can still use all of the current features of your layout page. This means you can add new widgets/gadgets, delete them, and rearrange them. However, I am not responsible for any changes to your blog design due to modifications you make. You are solely responsible for your blog maintenance. If you need help with updates or maintenance in the future, contact me for pricing.

How does payment work?
All payments are made through PayPal. You'll use the button on my blog sidebar to pay your deposit. When I finish your design, I'll send an invoice through PayPal for your final balance. I do not give refunds for any reason.

Will anyone else have the same design as me?
No, never! I will not duplicate your design for anyone else, and I try very hard not to reuse any of the same clipart kits either. {This does not apply to the discounted limited edition blogs.}

Why does my blog look slightly different on various devices? 
The view of your  blog will depend on each device's unique display size and resolution settings. 
What if I don't love my design preview?
That's okay! It happens from time to time. Your package includes 2 design revisions to modify your preview. Typical revisions include changing the header arrangement, substituting a different font, color, etc. Be sure to give me detailed, specific feedback of the changes you want. After 2 revisions of your design preview, additional work will be billed at my hourly rate. 

You can help avoid extensive revisions by carefully completing your blog design question sheet and letting me know if you have something specific in mind for your design from the start. Revisions do not include purchasing new graphics. 

What if I want changes made to my blog in the future? 
There is a minimum $25 base fee for revisions. The final cost of revisions varies based on how many changes you request and the time it will take me to complete. Please contact me for a quote and work date.

Can I use my blog images for Facebook, Google, Teachers Pay Teachers, etc? 
The packages come with graphics designed for blog specifications, not social media sites. Matching items for your social media branding are available as add-ons to your package. With the add-on purchase, I will resize and redesign your items as needed to fit each site. 

If you choose not to purchase the add-ons from me, please note that the sizes I make for your blog may not work ideally on your social media sites. This is because each site has unique size specifications.

Will you provide support with Blogger/Wordpress or teach me how to use my new blog/widgets? 
You are responsible for all content, maintenance, and updates after installation. While I design and install your blog, I do not provide support on how to use your chosen platform. 

Where can I find your complete design contract? 
My complete contract can be found here.
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