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Please read the terms and conditions on this page carefully. I reserve the right to modify these terms of use at any time and you agree to be bound by such modifications or revisions. Your deposit or blog payment serves as your agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement and your use of the services constitutes acceptance of this agreement. This agreement is legally binding.

1. Design Time: My initial quoted work time is based on your prompt response. I often receive several inquires in the same day and work in the order of paid deposits and returned questionnaires. While you are waiting to respond, other designs may move ahead of you on my work list and delay your quoted work time. If you miss your scheduled work date (due to not approving an art set, failing to reply to my email, etc.), you will be moved to the bottom of my wait list. 

2. Design Process, Revisions, and Cancellation: During the design process, you have complete control over your art selection, color palette, and design. Upon receiving your question sheet and deposit, you will receive multiple options for your selection and approval. 

After your art selections are final, I will build your design preview on a demo blog. 
The package price includes up to two rounds of revisions of this demo blog. Revisions include changing the header layout, moving clip art, changing a font, etc. Revisions do not include selecting a different art package, different color palette, or different theme. After two revisions, additional work will be billed in advance at $40 per hour. 

Should the scope of the project exceed the agreed upon specifications or package contents, a Change Order Invoice detailing the fees for additional work will be issued to the client. This must be approved and paid before additional work will begin.

Designs are sold on an "as-is" basis after payment is received. If you decide not to purchase your design at any point in the process, you forfeit your payment.

3. Design Payment: You have 3 days after receiving your final design preview to pay your remaining balance so I can install your design. After 3 days, I reserve the right to modify your custom design and offer it as a premade template without refunding your payment. 

If you purchase matching branding add-ons, they will be designed after your preview is approved. Add-on payment is due in advance.

4. Credit Link: During installation, I will place a small image, link, and text credit in the footer and/or sidebar of your blog. You agree not to remove or alter these in any way. Removal of my credit requires removal of all design elements.

5. Design Modifications: My logo is on your blog and it becomes part of my brand and portfolio; therefore changes to the graphics or overall design are not allowed. (Examples include but are not limited to: purchasing a complete design and then using your own header, modification of any of the graphics, using an alternate background). If you want to make changes to your blog design, please remove my graphics and code first as your blog package is sold as a complete unit. This condition does not prevent you from adding widgets to your blog, changing the default text colors, or otherwise using the template designer to adjust your settings. You simply may not mix and match my design work with any others. I am not responsible for any modifications you make to your blog after installation. 

6. Copyright: Designs should not be altered or re-used in any manner. I retain the copyright to the html code, template design, layered files, and overall layout. You are granted a single use license only. My work may not be duplicated or sold at any time. You receive only flattened images when the design is final. 

7. Communication: Designing your blog depends on communication with you. If you wait more than 3 days to respond to my email at any point in the process, your design may be canceled. Any deposits will be forfeited. All communication is done by email.

8. Other Templates: If you have modified your existing template in the HTML, my design template will remove your modifications. You need to back up your code so that you can add them back after installation. This does NOT apply to gadgets in your "layout" tab, only modifications to the HTML code. I am not responsible for any modifications you make to your blog after installation. 

9. Future Design Support: Designs are sold as-is upon payment. All sales are final. I am not responsible for modifications made to your blog after installation or other third-party updates (updates to Blogger, Wordpress, PhotoBucket, installed themes, widgets, etc.). You are solely responsible for your blog maintenance. If you need help with updates or maintenance in the future, contact me for pricing. 

10. Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer and Blogger have known compatibility issues that may cause details of your blog to display differently across browsers. I recommend Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. I do not modify designs for IE.

12. Refunds: Due to the nature of design work, no refunds will be given. Your deposit serves as your agreement to these conditions. You may contact me with any questions by email.

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