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*The clip art in my work is owned by the respective designers. However, the designs on this page are ©Design by Christi and may not be copied, reproduced, or distributed. * 

The Lightbulb Lab
Michele wanted a bright, cheerful design to match her blog's title. She also chose to upgrade to animated social media buttons that dance under your mouse. I just love the way it pops off the page! Michele completed her branding with matching Facebook and TpT items. 

Treble in the Classroom
Amy wanted a primary-colored blog with a musical theme for her new design. I love the way the notes dance across the page!

Teaching and Lovin' It
Julie's colors are fun and inviting, but the cute little cats steal the show with their personality. Julie's previous design had her grade level in the title, but moving to a broader title is a great way to attract more readers. 
Fabulous Fourth Grade Froggies
Lorraine has been one of my biggest cheerleaders on this blog designing adventure. I created her classroom website earlier this year (also in a frog theme) and was so excited when she picked me to redo her teacher blog also. I am thrilled with how this one came together!  

Dancing Amongst the Stars
Nicole wanted a blog that featured glittery gold stars. She even sent me certificate she had created to help me see her vision. After seeing her preview, she decided to add a few cute little dancers too. Be sure to check her out!

The Fun Factory
If you're looking for FUN teaching ideas, this is it! Kathy and Susan are a team of primary teachers with a brand new blog to share all their fun ideas with the world.

A Basket Full of Apples
Katie's apple blog is just too cute. It makes me feel like I'm in the middle of an apple orchard. =)

Thirsty in Third Grade
Kristy wanted a custom design for her brand new third grade blog and I really adore the way this one came together. It shows off her love of teaching as well as her love of coffee. New bloggers always feel so lonely so be sure to visit!
Mrs. D's Corner

This one is the complete package! Mrs. D went with the matching Facebook add-on, matching TpT avatar/banner, and a business card design too. Your blog is a great way to show off your brand and all the little pieces can really pull it together. I just love the soft colors. It definitely makes me dream of summer!
Pirate Girl's Education Invasion
Merinda's blog carries her beach theme so well! The weathered burlap, the shells, the little sea creatures... cute, cute, cute. Be sure to check out her blog for lots of great second grade ideas.
Chalk One Up For the Teacher
Cyndie is one of my new blogging friends, so I was thrilled to give her a little blog makeover. I love how clean and simple this design is (but still totally cute, of course!). Be sure to stop by and pick up her super cute Valentine freebie too!

Flip Flops and Polka Dots
Pam wanted a beachy design featuring polka dots and flip flops before she started blogging. Now that she has a beautiful place to post, she's ready to hit the ground running. Being a new blogger can feel pretty lonely, so hop over to show her some love once she gets started.

Second Grade is Out of This World
Hilary wanted an astronaut/space/alien theme from her blog and already had a scrapbook kit in mind. Her design came together quickly and her second grade blog is set to blast off into cyberspace!

The Polished Teacher
Designing Ash's blog was so much fun and I loved working in her color scheme. She's a student full of energy and excitement about teaching, so be sure to check her out too!
First Grade Enigmas
Donna's traditional apple-themed blog was so much fun to work on. It makes me want to take a trip to the apple orchard. She's a new blogger, so be sure to show her some love when you stop by!
First Grade with Mrs. Mody
Amy's classroom blog shows her love literacy and first grade. I just love the muted colors and cute little kids!

Mrs. Bohaty's Kindergarten Kingdom
I love a themed blog, and Lisa's certainly carries her theme well. From her page titles to her sidebar, it's clear this blog is made for kindergarten royalty!

Reading Toward the Stars
Andrea's blog shows off her literacy focus with a fun star theme and a hint of sparkle. Does your blog design showcase YOUR passion?

Mrs. Carrico's Lightbulb Lab
Jennifer wanted a black, white, and red color scheme for her REACh classroom website. With so many bright colored blogs, a darker theme can definitely make yours stand out!

Smiling in Second Grade
Sara's blog is just too stinking cute. She wanted a bright, fun design that was also sophisticated. The colors, the dots, the chevrons... love! Her second grade blog is also a must-read so be sure you're following.

The Techie Teacher
Julie's new technology blog is bright, fun, and a little playful too. She loved the first draft, but wanted a little sparkle so we swapped one of her pages out for a glittery option. It's just another example of how you can have complete control over your design each step of the way!

Custom School Logo
Vanessa needed a new logo to use on her school website and letterhead. She knew what she wanted, but needed helping pulling it together. I love how it turned out! Even if you don't need an entire blog created, I'm happy to help you with your design needs.
Dynamic Duo 1 and 2

Lauren and Emily are first and second grade teachers who are starting the blogging adventure together with this brand new blog. It's bright, cheerful, and soon to be full of great ideas. Be sure to follow them so you don't miss out!

Connecting One Piece at a Time
Ruth had a logo and header, but needed help designing and installing the rest of her blog. She also had me install a few custom add-ons like Google Analytics and Intense Debate for comments. The design process is unique for everyone and I'm happy to help you however I can.

Creativity in the Common Core Classroom
The "Wise Guys" decided it was time for a makeover as they start their new branding. Don't worry, you'll still find all the high-quality teaching materials you know and love on this fresh, new blog!

The Math Penguin
I designed Ari's first blog, The Science Penguin, a while ago. When she decided to branch out and write The Math Penguin, she came back for another design. We used the same penguins to tie the two blogs together, but this blog is so much brighter. I can't wait to read all of her math ideas!
Mrs. McCarthy's Kindergartners
Tara teaches with Ms. Sullivan, who just snapped up another one of my premade templates earlier this week. Premades are a great deal and still totally unique. The fun colors in this one are perfect for kindergarten!

Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms
Sara is an elementary librarian who wanted a brand new blog to communicate and network with other librarians. She wanted clean, simple design that featured bookworms and books. I love how the pages and art go together!

Ms. Sullivan's Second Grade
My premade templates are a great way to get a discounted design that's still totally unique and one of a kind. I was happy to see this "Sunny Days" design get a home. It was one of my first and I made it in the car on our long drive to the beach last summer. It will make a great classroom blog for Ms. Sullivan's second graders!

Closing the Gap in a Cute Outfit
I love blogs that showcase their writer's personality. Brittany wanted a bright, fun blog that represented teaching, but also her love of fashion. School supplies and pearls? I think so! 

Savvy in Second
Katie wanted a vintage-inspired blog in blues, greens, and purples. When I found this paper pack, I knew we had a winner. I love the way it looks and enjoy reading all about her adventures in second grade. Check her out!

Sweets by Steph
Steph was referred to me through a friend and I was super excited to work on her sweet design. The pinks and browns are so cute! Steph will be using her brand new blog for her cookie company. Yum!

Kindergarten Kel
This blog has kindergarten written all over it.The color splashes, the fun kids, the cute fonts... adorable!
iTeach 1:1
I love the trendy, bright colors in Kristin's blog. She has a 1:1 MacBook program in place in her classroom. How cool is that? She's also working with iPads so this blog is perfect for technology-lovers. Her Facebook add-ons make her page pop too!

Welcome to Watters' Wharf
Lindsay couldn't have been easier to work with, and I don't think her blog could be any cuter either. I'm a beach-lover at heart and this ocean theme was just too much fun to create for her. I can't wait to see how she fills it up with her first grade ideas!
Coll Street Photography
Cassie wanted a soft, inviting blog for her photography business. She also wanted to incorporate her business logo, the little black bird. She had a definite vision in mind, but needed help making it happen. I really, really love the way it turned out!

Reading and Writing Redhead
Bex wanted a blog with purple and polka dots. She also expressed a love of sweets, her pup, and tulips. Getting to know you is an important part of your design and I love coming up with something just for you. We decided to run with her sweets theme. It looks good enough to eat!

Joyfully Teaching
Connie wanted a black and red blog with a student/school theme for her classroom. I love how the chalkboard ties it all together.

Adventures in Teacherland
Caitlin is a recent college finance grad who is going back to school full-time in January to get her teaching degree. She's using her brand new blog to chronicle her adventures.
Frugal in First
Melissa and Brittany are the duo behind this fashionable first grade blog. They're brand-new to blogging, but I'm sure they'll fill their new blog up with fabulous ideas!  

Get in the Game with Mrs. Barcomb
A sporty blog with a touch of the NY Giants' colors, this one definitely represents its owner. Be sure to "get in the game" by following this new blog!

Trendy in Third
Jayme's blog is so modern and unique! She's a third grade teacher and brand new blogger offering up tips, thoughts, and trends.

Little Apple Cuties
This one is all about "sew cute" baby items and is my other creative outlet. If you're looking for unique, personalized baby gifts you should stop by!

Little Chef on the Prairie
As I was updating my design portfolio on Pinterest, I realized this blog never made my list! Tiffany is a teacher who was looking for a new spanish-style design for her food blog. I loved being able to work with pictures in the header for a change. If you're looking for a new recipe, you'll have to check her out!

Sun Tans and Lesson Plans
I'm a beach lover at heart, so this design was so fun to work on. Jenny is a third grade teacher in Florida who has this brand new blog to share her ideas. Be sure to check her out!

Corkboard Connections
Laura Candler wanted an updated blog design that was personal and professional too. It was important that the colors and feel also matched her teaching resources website. I love how bright the green and orange are!

Bulldogs Blog
Kim wanted a bulldog blog to match her school's mascot and colors. I had the dogs drawn for her and love the way they look. Her students will be so pumped to get started!
Guided Math
Mary didn't want anything too cute for her guided math blog. Instead, she wanted textured pages and simple math clip art with old-school chalkboards so her content would really stand out. I think it fits her content well! If you're looking for guided math ideas, you should check her out!

Kickin' It With Class
Heather wanted a bright, but simple, design with owls. She already knew which art set she wanted and sent me pictures of her classroom nameplates and bulletin boards so I could match her bright colors. If you have something in mind for your blog, but need a little helping putting it together, I'd love to work with you!
Wild About Firsties
Jessica wanted a bright and wild blog to match her first grade classroom. She's a brand new blogger, which can be pretty lonely, so please hop over to welcome her to our community!

First Grade Fairy Tales
Kelly's blog makes me feel like I'm in a magical castle fit for a fairy tale princess. I love how she made her sidebar titles fit her theme!

Hop Into Our Kinder Pond
I designed Amy's teacher blog (Cupcakes and Caterpillars) earlier this summer. She started to make her own classroom blog, but then decided she needed a little help. I loved working with her again and the frogs I found for her are just darling!

Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge
Christina's blog was so much fun! I love the soft colors, pretty bunting, and handful of books that tie the theme in with teaching.
Reader's Workshop Construction Site
Jennie's blog has so much personality! I love it when we can take a theme and run with it. She compared the excitement of awaiting her new design to Christmas morning. :) Is it time for your blog to get a new look too?

The Science Penguin
Ari's cute little penguins just make me smile. I have a not-so-secret obsession with penguins so I was thrilled to do her blog. The little magnifying glass was the perfect touch to her royal blue and "penguin beak orange" theme.

The Learning Lodge
Julie knew exactly what she wanted for her blog and had tried to design it herself, but realized she needed a little help. I was happy to polish her ideas and give her a rustic themed blog that matched her title. She's also a new blogger, so click over to show her some love when she gets started.

Miss Brinks' Class
Kristin wanted a bright blog with contemporary colors for her students and their families. She's also a brand new blogger so I set up her account from start to finish and handed it over once she loved the look. If you're thinking about a blog, but aren't sure where to start I'm happy to help!

News From The Nest
Jen wanted a blog for her classroom that would match her school colors and mascot. Her tagline says it all... "Rockin' and squawkin' with the eagles!"

First Grade Charades
Lauren is a brand new blogger with tons of ideas to share. She wanted a school-themed blog with a girly touch. I think it's pretty cute!

Mrs. Cornwell's Class
Kristi wanted a classroom blog for her students and their families and we finished in time for her to share it at open house. She totally made me laugh out loud when she sent an email to say thanks, " It has been a pleasure working with you (although you were the only one working)!" Could your classroom site use a makeover for the new year too?
A Tapestry of Learning
Amy is a principal who wanted an internal blog for her teachers. She wanted to use the school colors, but showcase her love of gardening with the floral papers. I added an inlinkz account for her so she could "pin" things onto content-area boards right on her blog. I think her staff will find her new site really useful. What a great leader!

Mrs. Freshwater's Class
Melissa took her signature black and white polka dots and pumped them up with pink, lime, and aqua. She wasn't quite sure what she wanted, so this one went through several revisions before it felt just right. No matter how many tries it takes, your blog will be just what you want when it's finished!
Classroom Confections
This one's perfect for teachers with a sweet tooth! The bright colors and cute little characters are just too much fun. I love Molly's math games too, so be sure to check out her blog and become a follower.

Growing in 5th Grade
Pat is a brand new blogger who wanted a beautiful place to start. I just love the colors in this one!

Mrs. Carroll's Classroom Blog
Nancy loved her "Teaching is Elementary" detective blog design so much, she decided to get another one for her classroom blog. You have to click over to appreciate this one fully. I love how the kids are hard at work all over the page. Nancy made my day when she said, "You have a knack at matching personality, graphics and design!"

Dills' Darlings
Even though I was tempted to keep this design for myself, I turned it over to Melissa. =) It's near and dear to my heart because I also use monsters in my classroom. She uses a lot of technology with her kindergarten students so we added a few ipods to the design too. Love it!

Mrs. Vasquez's Fabulous Froggies

Lorraine is one of my favorite bloggers so I was thrilled to help design her classroom blog. She already knew which graphic set she wanted to use, so had her a new blog installed less than 24 hours later. It's just too cute!

Continuing Education
Diana contacted me earlier this summer about starting two brand new blogs. We came up with the duck themed blog below and she decided to use it for her classroom. After installing it, we went back to work on this one as her teacher blog. I love how bold it is!

Mrs. Steinhilber's Team
Melissa saw a picture of one of my designs on Facebook and contacted me about making a classroom blog for her too. 48 hours later, she had a brand new blog for her students and their families. With Melissa's husband coaching at the high school and this summer's Olympics, I think the sports theme was a perfect choice!

K2: Kindergarten Squared
Page and Cristy work as a team to make up K2. They were so awesome to work with and knew exactly what they wanted for their blog (and even sent a sketch!), but just needed someone to make their vision happen. As with most blogs, this one changed a little along the way. It started out just red and black but ended up black, hot pink, teal, and lime. Does your blog reflect your personality? If not, let's work on it together.
Mrs. Patterson's 1st Grade Class
Danielle loved another one of my owl designs and wanted her own to use as a classroom blog for her first grade classroom.We swapped out the grab button for a cute signature and she was up and running in no time. I love how bright and cheerful they are!
Fun in Second Grade
Diane wanted bright colors and polka dots for her second grade blog. Her dots dance across the page and the hues are so pretty.
Smart Cookie Resources

Who doesn't love cookies and milk? Julie's blog is just adorable! She was so easy to work with and her design fell right into place. I love it when that happens! She's a brand-new blogger, but I'm sure she'll fill her new blog home with lots of great ideas.

An Apple a Day in First Grade
Karen entered my blog makeover giveaway. Even though she didn't win, she decided to take advantage of my discount to anyone who entered. Even though her title is all about apples, she didn't want apples to take over her blog. The bold patterns she picked for her backgrounds definitely hold their own. She's a new blogger, so be sure to check her out!

Teaching is Elementary
Nancy wanted a simple blog with a "Sherlock Holmes" feel and I think these cute little kids are right on the mark. Having a theme for your blog is a great way to make an impact! 

 Mrs. G's Kindergarten in Heels 

Michelle won my blog makeover giveaway and used it to revamp her kindergarten blog. Can you tell she loves shoes too? Bright colors are definitely the trend right now, but this one takes them to a whole new level. Be sure to check out her roll-over page titles too. Love it!

Owl See You in Third Grade 
Julie's blog is just so cute! The owls have so much personality and the colors are fresh and vibrant. I love that she let me use that font too because I just adore how fun it is! Julie is a brand-new blogger and teaches the BEST grade ever

Differentiation Destination
Tessa started a new collaborative blog that I'm proud to write for and needed a new design to go with it. I love the colors of this one and think the design is perfect for the wide range of readers this blog attracts.

Teacher's Toolkit 
Wendy grabbed my premade Pink for Teacher design for her new blog, Teacher's Toolkit. I love how girly this design is with its pastel spin on the traditional school theme. 

Blessings of Teaching
Katherine's design is bold, bright, and a little funky too. During the process, I teased her that I was going to steal the design and keep it for myself. This one has animated buttons, so be sure to click on over and check it out!

Third Grade All Stars
Tracey's colors and star patterns are both dreamy and fun. Her new header has that touch of playfulness that reminds me of sliding on the playground too. She's a new blogger, so hop on over to show her some love!      
Mrs. Hodge and Her Kindergarten Kids 
Elizabeth is a new blogger who wanted a bright design with polka dots and stripes. This one was truly a team effort as we tried a couple different headers before finding the right one. I have to be honest, I thought about keeping this one for myself. =) Elizabeth says, "I could not be more thrilled to unveil my new design! I think Christi did an AMAZING job!!! If you are needing an updated or extra cute design, she's your girl!!! She was so patient with me and really listened to what I was wanting!"

Splashing into Second Grade
Diana's design really makes me want to play in the rain. I just know her students and their families will love keeping up-to-date with this blog.

The Teaching Thief
Amanda's rich colors are so pretty, her little raccoon mascot is just too cute, and who doesn't love polka dots? I love the way this one came together! Amanda says, "I am so excited about my new design.  When I saw it up and running for the first time I let out an audible squeal of delight! A HUGE raccoon thank you to Christi over at Ms. Fultz's Corner for the fabulous design.  If you were thinking about getting a blog make-over, she is wonderful to work with and has some great ideas.  I highly recommend her."

Teaching and Reaching
Brenda is a language arts middle school teacher who wanted a more sophisticated design for her new blog. This design feels like home to me because our bedroom is decorated in the same blues and browns with damask print. Your design should feel like home to you too. Is it time for a makeover?

Cupcakes and Caterpillars
Amy was so much fun to work with! She's a brand new blogger who was still figuring out her title and style when she contacted me. What started with just cupcakes ended up with caterpillars too. Your design should be all about YOU!

Schoolhouse Treasures
Diane purchased one of my premade designs, but personalized it with my "Cutest" package. This meant she had a brand new blog just a few hours after contacting me. It's still totally personalized too! Diane says, "If you are thinking that your blog is in need of a makeover or perhaps it just needs a little something, something to pull the look together, then you need to check out Christi's design site. I can't say enough good things about the whole process! She was able to put all this together for me so quickly. She responded immediately to my inquiry and within a few emails going back and forth she knew what I was looking for and voila! - it was done!!"

Mrs. Norris' Nest
Whooo doesn't love a brand new blog? Lauren's owl theme is just darling and she couldn't have been easier to work with. We swapped the chalkboard in this set out for a white SMARTboard. How "smart" is that? She made this blog for her students and parents. I think they're going to love it!
2nd Grade Pig Pen
Teresa is good friends with Cynthia, who custom ordered the frog blog below. Teresa loved the look and wanted one for herself with a pig theme. It makes me want to play in the mud!

Shepherd's Shining Stars
As I was finishing this design, I found out Erica is the teaching partner of Patti, who requested the music blog below. I was working on both of their blog designs, but neither one of them knew the other one was getting a makeover. How funny! I love that they both went with fun, bright colors.

One Class, One Sound
This design just screams fun to me. Bright colors, cute kids, rockin' instruments.... what could be better?

Curiouser and Curiouser
I just love the soft scrapbook look of Cindy's blog. She's a brand new blogger who wanted a simple, but beautiful, home to get started. I can't wait to see how it develops!

Kids Rock!
I had been playing around with this design under the theme "Rocker Chick" when Becky contacted me about her blog design. She was describing exactly what I had already made and it ended up being the perfect match for us both. Love it! Becky says, "I am absolutely thrilled with my new blog design!  With a new design, also comes a new name, "KIDS ROCK!"  Christi from Design by Christi, was so quick and helpful to help me get this awesome design.  Her prices ROCK!  If you are looking to get another blog design or start up your own blog, I highly recommend her."

Welcome to 2nd Grade Pad
Cynthia's design started this adventure, and she couldn't have been any easier to work with as my very first client. I just love the way all her pieces came together! Cynthia says, "I am super, duper excited over my new AHHH-DOR-ABLE blog design!  I have dabbled with doing my own thing and trying to make the vision in my head actually happen.  Of course, that is very challenging when you have NO clue what you are doing! I have checked with several people who do blog designs, but being a newbie to this blogging world, I just couldn't bring myself to spend hundreds of dollars.  I was so excited to read Christi's blog post this week and immediately contacted her.  I cannot believe how simple and enjoyable she made this whole process for me!  If you have been feeling that your blog design is not "quite right" and just can't do what you would like, then Christi is the perfect person to contact!!!"

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